FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 9: A pair of ambitious men have teamed up to create a product to enable tourists to get discounts at stores across the island.

Nhuri Bashir and Stephan Johnstone are the creators of the Traveler’s Price Card, which offers tourists lower prices at up to 60 businesses and retailers island-wide.

Mr Bashir said: “It was a collective idea, meaning that the original idea has changed to what the end product is. For us, it was to find a way for the tourists who are concerned about prices to have that need satisfied. The result of the card is a collective effort.”

The card launched in July and took six months to develop.

Mr Johnstone said: “The website was online a bit longer but the actual product has been on the island for two months.”

Tourists can buy the credit-card sized card for $10, from seven locations.


Vendors include Perry Footwear, Crisson’s, Masterworks, Triangle Diving, Moon nightclub, Segway Tours, Indigo, Bailey’s Ice Cream and Digicel.

Mr Bashir said: “Retailers decide the discount. They decide what they will offer, and the discounts are advertised in the book.

“There’s no one so far who has had an issue with the product itself.

“Obviously, it came to market close to the end of the tourism season but the response that we have got has been excellent both from people who have used the card, and the vendors.”

Mr Johnstone said the company is looking to add new vendors for next year’s card.

“We have a couple of different companies that have signed on right now, so the card for 2012 will be more extensive.”

As for how many cards have been sold, Mr Bashir said: “Basically, we have 1,000 to market but we have to reach out to the vendors to get numbers.

“What hasn’t been sold, we will give to tourists.

“This year for us it’s more about pushing the product to get the value for the tourists and vendors.”

Mr Bashir and Mr Johnstone have been using social media such as Facebook to market the card, as well as online marketing and the website

Advertising has also been displayed at vendor locations.

Mr Bashir said they are hoping hotels, guesthouses and inns come on board for the 2012 edition.

“The thing about us is that we’re willing to work with everybody,” he said.

“Local vendors are trying to get an increase. The tourists are trying to get the best deals.”

He said that with competitive markets in the Caribbean and Latin America, tourists are looking for the best prices.

Potential vendors who want to be included on the 2012 card should submit their information by Thursday.

Bermuda Sun