Over a year of dedication, this short film, our second collaboration with Marq Rodriguez, will blow your mind. Join a young Gombey on a breathtaking journey as he encounters his ancestors in a tale that’s as gripping as it is mystical. Get ready to embark on the most exhilarating six minutes of Bermudian storytelling you’ll witness this year!

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May 20th, 2024

Our Premiere screening at Speciality Cinema on Monday May 20th 2024 was a success!! Big thanks to everyone that came out to support this film. See more from the night.

Film Credits

Written By:
Stephan Johnstone

Director / Cinematographer / Editor:
Marquedelle Philip Rodriguez


Executive Producer:


Music By:

Derek G. Simmons

Gombey Troupes
Places gombeys (@placesgombeytroupe)
SMS Gombeys (@sms.gombeys)
H&H Gombeys (@hnh_gombeys)
Warwick Gombeys (@warwickgombeys_bda)
Gombey Evolution (@gombey.evolution.troupe)
Gombey Warriors (@gombey_warriors)

African Ancestors
BDA Donquili (@bermudadonquili)

Native American Ancestors
Antione Lugo (Millet)
Chelsea McNorton (Carlington)
St. David’s Islander & Native Community

Photography by
Jayde Gibbons (@lokqul_)

Set Design
Sinead Simmons

Mobylette Supplied by
Mikey Dread from the 2 Stroke legends

Kid Voice
Marcelo Johnstone

Adult Voice
Stephan Johnstone

Sponsored By
Bermuda Arts Council (@bdaartscouncil)
Department of Culture (@bermudaculture)
Margaret & Robert Harvey
Margot Kerry Harvey & Travis Cooper
Harvey Cooper Award (@HarveyCooperAward)
Melrindo Caines
Walk Together Bermuda (@walktogetherbermuda)
King Alpha Productions (@King_Alpha_Way)

Big thank you to everyone that was involved in this project !

Bermudian Poet is a collaboration between SJD World and Marquedelle Rodriguez. It was sponsored by the Bermuda Arts Council

On February 10th 2023 at BSoA , we premiered “Bermudian Poet” a short film collaboration with Marq Rodrigeuz , Sponsored by the Bermuda Arts Council. This film has been 7 months in the making and uses Stephan’s original poem, Bermudian Poet ( Librago / 2011) as narration. It remained exclusively at BSoA in the Bredrin show from February 10th – March 7th and premiered on youtube February 18th 2023.