Steer Clear by Ras Mykkal Ft. Latosha Codrington, Francine Brown & Stephan Johnstone

Steer Clear by Ras Mykkal – Bermudian Dub poet and spoken word artist, Ras Mykkal has released his first music video. The title track “Steer Clear” was written in 2008 and the track and video were recorded in 2011. It is a follow-up to “Excuse Me, Mr. Speaker”, an anti-drunk driving songs, but taken from a different angle.

The outspoken poet has increasingly broadened his lyrics and commentary to subjects applicable to local and international issues and had seen it fitting to revisit the problem of drunk driving.

“Steer Clear” marks the second time Ras Mykkal has teamed up with music & video producer John Woolridge. The track features a number of talented Bermudians: Latosha Codrington and Francine Brown on vocals, and the young and multi talented Bermudian Poet / Spoken Word artist Stephan Johnstone. “Whency” Woolridge (brother to John) on Bass and Electric Guitar, John played all the other instruments, arranged, mixed and mastered the track.

Ras Mykkal can be contacted via e-mail at or you can message him on facebook: Ras Mykkal.

Nathelee Simons
Public Relations Officer

About Ras Mykkal:

Ras Mykkal is a Dub Poet from a different corner of the globe. While his Poetry is just as thought-provoking as the more established Mutabraruka and Linton Kwesi Johnson, his style is more of a singing poet than DJ or rap like. He is the only recording and performing Dub Poet with backing vocals.

Ras Mykkal is the first recording artist to openly challenge Bermudas’ social and political establishment. His razor-sharp political and social commentary lit the fuse that brought down the 34 year reign of the United Bermuda Party (U.B.P.) government.

Since the introduction of Party politics in the islands of Bermuda, only the United Bermuda Party (U.B.P.) had governed the tiny Atlantic island, up until 1998, when the Progressive Labor Party (P.L.P.) won the government on November 9, 1998. Both the UBP and the PLP governments have enjoyed and maintained the economic wealth of Bermuda, but have done very little by way of social development of its’ people… Learn More