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During these interesting times we understand parents can be overwhelmed with trying to find ways of keeping their children busy and also limit the amount of screen time their kids have. We here at SJD World have partnered with local Authors David Chapman and Ras Mykkal to bring to you these activity books for children and families. 

This package contains a variety of indoor and outdoor activities!  Some activities the children can do on their own and others will required that parents provide guidance and support.

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Here is a little information about each option below

About Activity Book Special - $60

Daddy and I Explore... Bermuda Activity books Set | by Author David Chapman 

Each book in this set contains amazing photos of Bermuda; tons of information about each topic and at the end of each book is an activitiy sheet which allows the child alone or more appropriately with an adult to answer the questions which follow.

  1. The Tide Pools! - What are tide pools?  Where do you find them?  What do you find in them?
  2. The Mangroves!  - What type of trees seem to grow right out of the water?  These trees have roots so strong your can walk on them!  What types of animals live in the mangroves?
  3. Nonsuch Island!  "The Living Museum" - How can an island be a living museum?  What is this place where the past comes to life?
  4. The Farm! - Do you know where your food comes from?  Come and explore how your food is grown?
  5. The Caves! - Are you brave enough to explore the dark and spooky environment of the caves?  Bring your flashlight!

Bermuda's Flyer Flowers Activity Book | By Ras Mykkal & SJD World

Ras Mykkal and SJD World have also completed a limited-edition children’s butterfly activity book with illustrator Anna Dill. This project is a coloring book with mazes, word search, connect the dots and many other fun features to bring attention and awareness to the life cycle of the butterfly.

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About Bermuda's Flying Flowers Photography Book - $15

Bermuda's Flyer Flowers | By Ras Mykkal & SJD World

The full colour book is an awesome learning tool for anyone who is interested in nature and helping to preserve the environment. Well known for his sports photography Ras likes to take a break from the excitement of action sports and venture into nature for a change of pace. This beautifully illustrated book “Bermuda’s Flying Flowers” has been three years in the making. Ras Mykkal’s outstanding photography and informative text. Well done. A big thank you to Butterfield & Vallis for their kind and generous support of this project.

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About Click... I Got Yah! - $10

Click.. I Got Yah! | By Ras Mykkal & SJD World

Well-known sports photographer, Ras Mykkal and Graphic Design Studio, SJD World have teamed together to produce “Click-I Got Yah” a collection of Ras Mykkal’s images over the past few years of Bermudian athletes from a variety of local sports.
Each photograph has a date and caption about the person, event and/or the sport, highlighting a moment in Bermuda’s sporting history.

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