The Diary of a Pyscho Hippie


This book is a very special project to Cloudy Muse as it is a journey through her life with bipolar disorder. It was authentically written in the corresponding states (e.g. mania, depression, etc.) Mental health was previously a taboo topic and she hopes to raise awareness but also brings a sense of comfort to those who are also living with this disorder, in knowing they aren’t alone.

Illustrated by our very own Anna Dill and is on sale online here in our shop.

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Young Bermudian writes book dispelling bipolar myths

A young Bermudian has shared her experiences with bipolar in a book of poetry aimed at supporting others while dispelling myths about the disorder. The 21-year-old author wrote the book, The Diary of a Pyscho Hippie, which is intentionally misspelt, under the alias Cloudy Muse. She asked that her real name not be published. She said: “Part of my motivation is for people who are going through what I have to find a sense of comfort in knowing they are not alone and by gaining a deeper understanding and awareness. “Another motivation is, as a society we have become desensitised to the word bipolar — it is used very flippantly. Say I am talking to a friend and their boyfriend was upset with them in the morning and angry with them in the evening…… Read More