Broken Thoughts (2006)

Stephan Johnstone’s First Spoken Word Album was released on December 19th 2006 – and actually began as a simple experiment. Two years prior, Stephan had met Bermudian Producer James Brookes, while they were both studying in Toronto, Canada. 

At that time, James had built a small recording studio in his apartment and would have friends over to record and experiment with the mic. One day James encouraged Stephan to record a collection of his spoken word – it was a lightbulb moment and began Stephan on a new journey.

This album is entitled Broken Thoughts as it’s a collection of Stephan’s writings up until that point in his life.  Each track is a piece of a thought, a glimpse into the world through Stephan’s eyes at that time.  

Written by: Stephan Johnstone 
Produced by: James Brookes / Limestone Productions
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