Website Design

Status Update: We are now accepting new website projects! Book your build today!

In this digital age, having a website is crucial in helping you find an audience and turn them into loyal fans and clients. Your website is like a piece of “virtual real estate” allowing you to communicate important information to potential customers about your products or services.

We build small to medium size sites using WordPress CMS (Content Management System) as a platform.  If you already have a WordPress site and are looking for some additional features not currently offered by the wp-admin, we can assist with building custom WordPress Plugins to fit your needs. If you’re starting from scratch, we’re also able to design a beautiful website that meets your preferences and specifications.

We book new website projects between January 1st to May 31st and September 1st to November 31st

We’re currently able to work with other CMS platforms such as Joomla, depending on the project. If you’re interested in this service, email us with the project details and we’ll get back in touch as quickly as possible.