Nicknames, How you got your nicknames

Ras Mykkal and SJD World are at it again!  The two have teamed up to release their third book; Nicknames – How You Got Your Nickname.  A novelty book that dives into the stories behind the interesting ways Bermudians have a substitute name pinned on them; a name that they are better known by than their birth name.

The book includes a brief history on forenames, surnames and common nicknames, but the real prize are the stories behind how Bermudians earned their nickname.  

There is a beautiful cross section of Bermuda’s people; from Somerset to St. George’s, male and female, some famous public figures, the common folk in the street, as well as a few of the infamous.  With the loss of Bermudian icons like Allan “Forty” Rego, Ernest “Country Wild Rabbit” Holman and William “Cheese” Ray, this is sure to be a collector’s item cataloging a unique part of Bermuda’s culture.

The stories behind the nicknames are varied and unique to each person.  Some surely bring back memories of old TV shows, cartoons and iconic characters from yester-years. No other place in the world has the scale or social structure that lends itself to this phenomenal culture that produces nicknames in this fashion.

There are also Butterfield & Vallis Fun Facts throughout the book with interesting and educational information about people, places, times, and events.

There is no stone, or should I say nickname, left uncovered in this well thought-out publication.

ON sale now at Brown & Co, Bermuda $50

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