What’s going on everybody!

2019 was the 10th anniversary of the Bermuda Fashion Festival.
But THIS year for the very first time, we here at SJD WORLD became a sponsor!

Being a sponsor, we are allowed to place a small give away in all the VIP bags for each event.
After months of trying to decide what that’s going to be, we arrived at the idea of creating small boxes of inspiration.

We designed the boxes from scratch, printed and assembled 1,700 of them by hand.
They are made from a silk velvet paper that your fingers will fall in love with.

Each insert, we wanted to show off different types of printing methods and design styles:

We have a very cool raised gold foil that’s printed on both sides,
A sample gloss card with an optical illusion and on the back –
A definition of what we do.
A transparent piece that you can see through
And a circular die-cut magnet that will play games with your eyes!

All packaged together with a QR code on the back that links back to us.
Here at SJDWorld.com! Your personal graphic design team!