April is here and we’ve been busy behind the scenes working on new upcoming projects and collaborations for this year. We’ve recently released our short film, Bermudian Poet, in collaboration with Marquedelle Rodriguez. We would like express our sincere gratitude to everyone involved, everyone who attended the premiere at BSOA, and of course, the Bermuda Arts Council for sponsoring this project. Stay tune for more information about our next short film!

Exciting news, the Graphic Design Showcase is just around the corner. We’re looking to feature as many graphic designers as possible. If you’re a designer looking for exposure and want to connect with other people in the industry, scroll down for more information.

Lastly, we hope you all had a great holiday weekend, and please stay tuned as we have much more to share!

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Bermuda Foundation for Insurance Studies Rebrand

Late last year, we had the opportunity to work with the Bermuda Foundation for Insurance Studies (BFIS) on a rebranding and website upgrade project. The goal was to keep a few elements from the older logo while remaining corporate and true to who they are. Working with BFIS over the past year has been great, we thank the BFIS team for trusting us with their rebranding.

On De Rock: Dark Matter

Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of working on various projects with  On De Rock Brewery. Most recently, we designed a new beer label for them called Dark Matter, which was a collaboration between On De Rock and Devils Isle. They wanted to incorporate an image from NASA’s James Web Telescope into the label. We loved this idea and had a lot of fun working on it.

Although this beer was released last year, it’s still available at Island Pantry. Be sure to drop by and grab some Dark Matter!

Graphic Design Showcase 2023

We’re excited to announce that the Graphic Design Showcase is back! 

Whether you’re a seasoned designer or just starting out, this is the perfect opportunity for you to showcase your talent and get inspired by others in the industry.

Artwork submissions are due by June 20th. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with other designers and showcase your work. 

We’re proud to be a sponsor of this event along side Cosmic Design Agency and Bermuda Blueprinting!

Bermudian Poet Now Available Online

Bermudian Poet is a collaboration between SJD World and Marquedelle Rodriguez. It was sponsored by the Bermuda Arts Council
Stephan Johnstone and Marq Rodriguez Premiere Short Film Bermudian Poet at Bermuda Society of Arts

A Moment in Bermuda Time

RG Magazine  |  March 2, 2023

The project premiered at the Bermuda Society of the Arts (BSoA) on February 10th, and will be on display until March 7th. Poet Stephan Johnstone (Founder, Creative Director, and Accounts Manager at SJD World) is continually cementing himself as the carrier of the torch when it comes to Bermudian culture in his work.

Bermudian Poet is a short film collaboration between himself and Marq Rodriguez (Director, Cinematographer, and Editor), which was sponsored by the Bermuda Arts Council. Seven months in the making, the project features narrated words from Stephan’s original poem, Bermudian Poet, which merge seamlessly with Marq’s visuals, cameos by featured Bermudian poets, and images of cultural landmarks, on our lovely island home… Read More

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