2013 » Facebook friends told me to write this book

Facebook friends told me to write this book

Author Rodney Smith Jr started out offering relationship tips to women as “just a hobby”.

The response he got was strong enough that he decided to put his advice somewhere people could access it permanently.

The result is ‘Words From a Gentleman: From a Good Man to Great Women: Advice on Relationships’.

One hundred copies of the book have sold since he self-published it a month ago.

“It’s a book geared towards women to inspire and empower women with their relationship issues,” said the 23-year-old Alabama A&M University student.

“I started by gaining a pretty good following by writing advice to women on Facebook — and with the request of many of my readers, I wrote a book.”

Originally from Warwick, Rodney is using Amazon to sell the book, but hopes to have copies on local shelves come the summertime.

“I’ve got copies in a couple of bookstores here in Huntsville, and I’ve been selling copies myself,” he said, adding that the volume has proved popular with nurses at Huntsville’s hospital.

Some of his best advice, however, Rodney gives out for free.

He makes a point of getting up at 5am to send out “about 20 motivational messages to 20 random women each day to enlighten their day and start their foot on the right note”, he said.

“I do this because I found that you never know what someone maybe going through, and what some kind words of encouragement would do to turn their bad day into a good day.”

He didn’t pick up his heartfelt words from lessons learned through his three sisters, Rodney said. For him it’s mainly about “just enjoying putting my thoughts on paper”.

His real interests lie in computers and creating music with them. He picked up one of Bermuda’s Underground Award in 2009 for his work as a producer.

So far his biggest local fans seem to be delighted parents Rodney Smith Senior and Yolanda Smith, the former CedarBridge Academy student said — but if ‘Words from a Gentleman’ takes off, he may gain a few more.

The book is soon to be available on Kindle, and he urged hopeful readers to find him on Facebook.

Rodney’s advice from his experiences as a new author: “Follow your dream,” he said.

“You only live life once. No-one can tell you what you can’t do. You’re the only person that can put a limit to yourself.”

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