Bermudian Poetry / Spoken Word By Stephan Johnstone

Between 2006 and 2011, Stephan Johnstone released three (3) ground breaking spoken word / poetry albums  Librago  (2011), The Script Keeper (2009) and Broken Thoughts (2006) putting the Bermudian Dialect on center stage and painting pictures of love, life, hope and philosophy – all before the age of 28.

The Bermudian Magazine once said of his work: “Through his poetry, Stephan touches on many issues currently facing the younger generations of Bermudians. From the feelings of irrelevance, heartache and the growing gun violence, whether he wants to be or not, Stephan is a voice for many Bermudians struggling to find the words to express their innermost thoughts and feelings. Stephan is breaking down barriers and encouraging discussion through his work, inspiring all to think harder, dream bigger and live bolder. Plato once said: “Poetry is nearer to vital truth than history.” For Stephan Johnstone, this could not be truer; as time goes on, his words will continue to voice the struggles, triumphs and visions of our generation.”

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