Bermudian Poet

This piece has changed a bit over the years and has only be captured in video twice . The version we are going to use for this short film will be slowed down to almost a conversational pace.

Bermudian Poet!

Born on the tip of volcanic lips 
The lava we spit most can not take
So I sometimes server mines up warm for the foreigners that can’t relate

See our lava lakes more mountains like tectonic plates
So when it cools it hardens on your memory banks 
Until your memory stanks from the stench of our flow
Like Spittal Pond when a hurricane coming to close

So check your Shark Oil yo! 
Cause we’re everywhere and in-between
The cannons of St. Catherine
To the west gates of inmate’s dreams

 No walls can stop our steam
Railway trails is what we leave
Inspiration is what we seed
To those that are lost at sea

Bermudian poet I am he
Bermudian Poet I am we

A lighthouse to those that need
To avoid reefs that we have seen
Harbor radio just might agree
That we’ll be Making Waves 
All up and on your Front Street

 And no we can not be like a man from another land
Because why would I change me? 
Bermudian forever man! 
No matter when or time of day 
Rhymes taste like Swizzle, 
Dark & Stormy, Black all day 
150 aye, come check the proof 

You know Chewstick 
The crew blow off your roof, Fabian truth!
to the highest power
Respect, Freedom, Love, Truth
22 miles 24 hours

–       Stephan Johnstone – 24/02/2010