Good Day all,
We are very excited to announce that we have recently won Bermudian Magazine’s 2023 Product & Service Awards – Best Local Website Designer and the esteemed Award of Excellence! A heartfelt thank you to everyone who voted; your support means the world to us. Make sure to pickup your copy of this months Bermudian Magazine on shelfs today. 

In other news we have started shooting our most recent short film project and updates on our progress are below. 

Furthermore, we invite you to join us for the annual Christmas Party here in the Sommers Building this Friday, December 8th, starting from 4 pm onwards. If you’re in the area, feel free to drop by!

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season!

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The Bermudian Magazine’s Product & Service Awards 2023

Over 20 years ago, while still in school, Stephan Johnstone, founder and creative director of SJD World, started as an online creative outlet. Fast forward a few years and it has become a multiple-award-winning creative design company.

Their work is “good quality,” their customer service “second to none,” and the company does a lot for the non-profit sector. They also put a lot of effort into nurturing future graphic designers. In 2018, in partnership with the Bermuda Society of Arts (BSoA), they launched Graphic Design Showcase to give “young creatives” an opportunity to showcase their work, and they successfully cohosted it again this year.

While graphic design, print and web services are the backbone of SJD World, they also dabble in 3D printing and have even produced a number of books, including a kids activity book for America’s Cup, available via their online shop. The team has also launched a graphic design subscription service.

“I’ve known his work for a very long time. I know how dependable he is. He’s a very deserving person,” sums up one judge.  SJD World, however, is very much a team effort. Says Johnstone, “My team means everything to me.” Somers Building, 15 Front Street, Hamilton; 295-7539

The Bermudian Magazine’s Product & Service Awards 2023

A hands-down winner in this category, not just for their creative and professional web design but because, says one judge, “Stephan is the nicest guy.” But, it isn’t just him, they add. His whole team is “efficient and responsive. They’re just the best.” Founded 20 years ago by Stephan Johnstone, his full-time team includes senior graphic designer Anna Dill; graphic designer Talisa McGlashan; lead web developer Prasanth Govindankutty; and programmer Musthafa S.M. Somers Building, 15 Front Street, Hamilton; 295-7539

Shooting and final round of funding has begun

Back in our August Newsletter we announced that we had started seeking sponsors for a short film project currently titled “Thoughts Become Things.” It revolves around a young Bermuda Gombey who goes to sleep one night and meets his ancestors. Towards the end of October, we had secured 95% of our original funding goal! Special thanks to all our sponsors who have come on board.

We are now halfway through our shooting schedule; see photos from the set above. We have also initiated the final round of funding to assist us in completing this amazing cultural project.

If you or your company are interested in becoming a sponsor please reach out to us at for more information.

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