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As we come to the end of September we would like to thank everyone that replied to our last newsletter and expressed interest in helping us with our next film titled Thoughts Become Things.  We’re currently exploring all funding options and will keep you updated on our progress.

In other news – Stephan turns 40 in a few days which really means SJD World will turn 20 in February 2024. We’re planning a big celebration for our 20th year so stay tuned as we reveal more in the upcoming newsletters.

Back to the arts – we participated in the Pride Art Show last month, have a new piece of art in our online shop by Alyssa Kofi and want to share with you the making of our mural by Chatoé – all below!

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Pride Art Show @ Rock Island

Show available until September 30th

Early last month Bermuda Pride invited us to participate in their Poetry & Design Art Show at Rock Island Cafe. The theme of the show is Homesick and each piece is a collaboration between a Poet and a Graphic Designer.

Above are the visual pieces that our design team created for the poets that we were matched with. Make sure to catch the complete collection at Rock Island until September 30th.

#1 – Women’s World
Makim Ori
Designer:Talisa McGlashan

#2 – God Gap
Poet: Tiffany Paynter 
Designer: Anna Dill 

#3 – Welcome to Bermuda
Yassine Chentouf
Designer: Stephan Johnstone

Sweet Pineapple

by Alyssa Kofi

During Lockdown in either 2020 or 2021, a pineapple plant Alyssa’s mom had been nurturing came to maturity. Before the fruit produced was harvested she took a photo to capture the moment. Later, while adding new illustrations to her sketchbook she remembered the pineapple and wanted to use her own original source and thus the pineapple sketch was born.

She later converted it to Adobe Illustrator by building the piece up layer by layer, having fun with shading and the geometric shapes the pineapple offers.

The piece was also featured in the Graphic Design Showcase and on her IG _photosbylyssa.

Our Mural by Chatoé

If you have ever been to our studio you would have noticed our mural. This piece was spray painted in 2014 by the talented Chatoé while he was living in Bermuda.

We were big fans of the art he was creating around the island so of course we asked if he would spray our wall!

Big up Chatoé for blessing us with this amazing piece, it definitely changes the energy of the room!

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