A locally made children’s activity book exploring the history of Bermuda sailing through games, puzzles, fun facts and articles will help to install a sense of pride in the island, according to its creators.

The product by SJD World, a Bermudian graphic design company, includes an Origami boat based on the 35th America’s Cup racing catamarans which, according to its creators, has been entirely “kid-approved”.

While many books were sold throughout the world-class sailing event that graced Bermuda’s shores in May and June, a limited number are still available. As an America’s Cup-licensed product, the copies must be sold by September.

Creative director and owner of SJD World Stephan Johnstone said the America’s Cup Activity Book Bermuda offered great educational value and a basic understanding of sailing for young people while providing hours of fun.

He told The Royal Gazette: “Sailing is a big part of our history — before there were roads in Bermuda you had to sail to get to different parts of the island.

“There are fun facts like Bermuda cedar being one of the best ship materials and there is information on the evolution of the Bermuda rig and its importance in sailing not only here but worldwide.

“The Endeavour Programme sent us a ‘points of sail’ chart to include where you can hold the book with the wind in your face to work out where your sails need to be to move a boat in certain directions. It’s really fun and really educational.

“We are keen to get it into schools and we would welcome any support to be able to do that.”

SJD creative director Anna Terceira added: “It will help to instil a sense of pride in Bermuda and its history in sailing. It includes a colouring section, a wordsearch, a list of all the parts of a boat and some sailing terminology.

“My favourite part about the Bermuda history is how the term ‘up country’ and ‘down country’ comes from sailors referring to sailing west up wind and east down wind.”

There are more than 300 shipwrecks in the waters around Bermuda and the book includes a map of the island with some of her surrounding wrecks. It has been integrated into a game in which the player must to get treasure before the pirates.

Ms Terceira added: “Sailing is becoming more accessible for young people in Bermuda — there is the Endeavour programme in schools and we just made history in the Youth Cup — so that’s even more reason for young people to learn about sailing.”

The book is aimed at children aged “five to 105” and retails at $18 or $13 for group purchase of more than 20.

It is available locally at the Bermuda Bookstore, Brown & Co, Flying Colours, AC Outfitters, Island Outfitters, The Bermuda Shop, People’s Pharmacy and Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute.

Royal Gazette
Written by Sarah Lagan