In this episode, we sit down with Stephan Johnstone, the humble and talented founder of SJD World, a leading design agency in Bermuda. Stephan shares his journey of launching his business in Bermuda and the challenges he faced. He talks about building his design agency over 20 years, touching on topics like using AI technology, learning from mistakes, and establishing a balanced culture for his team. Stephan also shares the systems and tools he uses.


  • Believe in yourself and charge accordingly for your work.
  • How to manage multiple projects and clients effectively to avoid overcommitment.
  • Embrace the potential of AI in the creative industry and adapt to its changes.
  • Develop resilience to overcome challenges and learn from failures.
  • Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of being an entrepreneur.
  • Take time to rest and recharge to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

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