Good Day All,

We hope you had a good holiday and New year.

As 2023 has come to an end we wanted to share with you some highlights from the past year. We had four main goals for 2023 and they where to expand the team, push the company in new directions, explore new collaborations and to test the limits of what we can do with our services, projects and products. We are all excited to report that we accomplished just that.

We would like to send a big thanks to every partner, vendor, freelancer, client, family member and friend that has worked with us over the past year!

It has not been easy getting to 2024 lol but we made it!  So with that said check out some of the highlights below and keep a look out for our upcoming short film, Thoughts Become Things, and our 20 Year Gallery Show!

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Released January 2023

Our Graphic Design Subscriptions launched officially January 2023, includes three tiers: Silver, Gold and Platinum.

These subscriptions are geared towards larger business that require a reliable graphic design solution to act as an in-house team or support one. All packages include a wide-range of graphic design services.
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Bermudian Poet is a collaboration between SJD World and Marquedelle Rodriguez. It was sponsored by the Bermuda Arts Council

Released February 2023

This film is a collaboration between us and Marquedelle Rodriguez. It was sponsored by the Bermuda Arts Council and uses Stephan Johnstone’s original poem, Bermudian Poet as narration. It was premiered February 10th 2023 at BSOA and premiered online February 18th 2023 on Youtube.

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Premiered June 2023

The Bermuda Ocean Plastics study and documentary are the result of a multi-year project by KBB, LookBermuda and Nonsuch Expeditions. The project was  sponsored by AXIS and narrated by our very own Stephan Johnstone.

Show Opened June 2023

This was our second time putting on the Graphic Design Showcase this time in partnership with BSoA, Cosmic and Bermuda Blue Printing. The show was up at Bermuda Society of Arts from June 23 to July 19th 2023. We had over 63 submissions by 36 designers from around the island!

Bermudian Poet Film Featured in Premier’s Concert

July 2023

Our film, Bermudian Poet, was featured in the Premier’s concert as a tribute to Mary Prince. Thanks to the Bermuda Arts Council for the support and Community of Cultural affairs for inviting us to be in the event.

SJD World Studio by Elsa Stevenson

August 2023

We don’t always take on summer interns, however, this year we took on both Elsa and Khamil. We’ve been so impressed with their work and work ethic over the summer that it is only right to highlight them

Opened September 2023

Bermuda Pride invited us to participate in their Poetry & Design Art Show at Rock Island Cafe. The theme of the show is Homesick and each piece is a collaboration between a Poet and a Graphic Designer.

Season 2 premiered November 2023

Hustlerz Paradise is back for a second season and Stephan plays Doc Trott in this one of a kind Bermudian youtube series. New Episodes will be premiered soon. So catch up on all the action and watch Season 1 on their Youtube page and you can rent Season 2 on the button below.

SJD World Ltd Award of Excellence by The Bermudian Magazine

Opened September 2023

Bermudian Magazine | Dec 2023

Coming Soon!!

Short Film: Looking for Sponsors

A short film about a young Bermuda Gombey who goes to sleep one night and meets his ancestors. We have just finished shooting and looking for sponsors to help us with the completion of the film. If you or your company are interested in being a sponsor contact us via email or phone 295-7539 for more information. We are only 3k away from our final funding goal… Click here to learn more

Coming March 2024

So we are turning 20 Years old on February 1st 2024 and to celebrate this milestone we will be putting on a Gallery Show starting March 1st @ BSOA. The show will run for 3 weeks. More info coming soon but this will for sure be something you don’t want to miss.

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