Good Day Family, Friends and Clients,

Summer is officially here!

The past few months have been busy in the studio, so we felt it was time for an update before the summer vacation mindset kicks in. 

As we’re always striving to offer the best design services, we’ve started experimenting with some new offerings with select clients. This includes updated web site management features along with a design subscription plan. We’re also looking at an upgraded hosting platform that will offer faster website loading time. As we continue to develop, we will slowly start rolling these features out across our wider client base. 

We’ve been doing some internal restructuring and have started some cool collaborations which we’re excited to post about! Stay tuned for some news that is not only candy for your eyes, but your ears too!

Below are some of our recent projects that might pique your interest 🙂

Wishing you a wonderful summer,
The SJD World Team 

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Poster Design

We don’t often feature a lot of the posters, and since summer is here we thought why not! The clients above are long time clients that we personally love working with and supporting. We’ve helped develop their brand and growing events over the years. These are just a few events that are coming up and are some of our staff favorites!  

Big thanks to all our great clients for trusing us with your projects! 

Logo Design

Last year the Kiskadee team reached out to us for a clean, modern logo for their new business. We worked with them through a few different options and ideas. Above is the final logo that we love! After we finalized the logo, we worked on the branding identity and designed business cards for staff, and a letterhead template. We enjoyed working on this project with the Kiskadee team and wish them all the best!


Fishy Creatures by Ayana Ming Bean

Between the years 2016 and 2019 Ayana was our part-time Gatekeeper/Admin here in the studio. While she was with us she not only helped us on a number of projects like the America’s Cup Activity Book  and the Graphic Design Showcase but she also spent some time designing her own activity book.  For the past three years later she has been overseas studying engineering on a scholarship to Cambrian College of Applied Arts and Technology…. Read More


Whiter The Fates Carry Us. The journey of Adrian Roach. Featuring poetry by Bermudian Poet Stephan Johnstone, Film by Tom Day

Whither The Fates Carry Us [Prologue]

Whither The Fates Carry Us [Prologue] It has been a while since we worked on or posted any projects relating to Stephan’s Poetry! So we where very… Read more

Belco sustainable energy Bermudian Poetry

BELCO’s Journey to Sustainability

BELCO’s Journey to Sustainability Featuring Bermudian Poet Stephan Johnstone – A few months ago the team at Belco reached out and wanted to include some of Ste… Read more