SJDWORLD (Stephan Johnstone’s Design World) was founded February 1st 2004
as a website (www.sjdworld.com) and an online escape for Graphic Designer Stephan Johnstone. During the first 4 years of its existences SJDWORLD featured, once a month, the work of Bermudian and International artist, poets and photographers, giving them a platform to showcase their work and talents.  Some of these local artists include Sharon Wilson, Ras Mykkal, Vanessa George, Mark Tatem and Mario Johnston, - just to name a few.

In 2006 SJDWORLD was nominated in the 10th annual Webby Awards as an Official Student Nominee. The New York times has described The Webby awards as the Internets Highest Honor any website can receive. Unfortunately SJDW did not win but the nomination for such a prestigious award open many doors to this rising creative force. 2006 was also the year SJDW released its first Poetry Album project with Limestone Productions titled “Broken Thoughts”.

SJDW went on to produce Cupmatch T-shirts in 2005 and then four years later landed sponsorship from Esso Bermuda for its 2009 Cupmatch t-shirt line. In the same year SJDW released its second Poetry album Project “The Script Keeper”, which went on to win Best Bermuda Album of the year at the Underground awards.

In 2008 SJDW closed its doors to featuring artist and began focusing more on the business of Creative Services. Over the past 3 years SJDW has built a reputation in filling all of its client’s creative needs and producing one of a kind Bermudian products. We will continue in creating unique Bermudian Creative energy and hope to be one of Bermuda’s most influential creative companies of our generation.

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